Patterning for iPhone > Wish List


I’ve been using Patterning 2 for quite some time now and absolutely love the app. So, when I saw that Olympic Noise was releasing a version for the iPhone, I immediately bought it, knowing that it would have to be a slightly stripped down version compared to the iPad app, but definitely worth checking out. After working with it, there is a short wish list I would like like to see included in future releases, if possible.

The first and most important thing I would like to see is the Step Count increased as much as possible, but at least to 24. The reason is: in order to create realistic rhythms like “swing” beats or “shuffles”, you need 24 steps to put your 16th note triplets in and the iPhone version, current only has 16. You can change the step count to 12 that kinda gets the triplet feel, but the pattern sounds pretty robotic to me. 24 steps works a lot better, especially for hi hats and ride cymbals.

The second thing I noticed is I could transfer patterns from iPhone to iPad, but I couldn’t copy a pattern from iPad to iPhone. I kept getting an error message that said the iPhone version doesn’t support drum kit switching. It would be very nice to be able to pick just one drum kit before trying to transfer it from an iPad to the iPhone.

Thx again for creating the worlds best drum app!!!

  • joe