Patterning for iPhone • kit samples

Can u pls update patterning for iPhone
To be able to change samples
Like in the iPad version

Thanks for the request, it’s certainly the most common ask. You can export kits from the iPad to the iPhone if you’d like to add new kits on the phone.

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Ha - brilliant. That’s what I was going to ask. Being able to make kits on the phone would be great at some point (and I’d personally happy have that as an in app purchase if it helped finance it) but being able to transfer files from my iPad is a great workaround. I’ll have to look into how to do that - is there a guide or video anywhere?

Honestly, the power of the iPhone version actually caught me off guard somewhat. I appreciate it’s probably a massive undertaking but if it were possible to make it AUv3 compatible, a rack of Patterning within AUM would be the ultimate pocket-sized Elektron-killer! :wink: