Patterning for iphone; a disappointment

Hi developer(s) of Patterning for iphone,

What a disappointment; Patterning for iphone, after having used the excellent Patterning 2 for ipad. P seems to be a limited version of P2… for a lower price but so what??
A waste of money, really.
I’ll continue to use P2, the iphone version is too frustrating, too limited.

Kind regards,

Help me understand how your post is useful, productive or meaningful?
And topping it of with “kind regards” :man_shrugging:t4:

It’s all good! I’ve already responded to Phoenix via email.

The idea of Patterning for iPhone was to make a version that worked on the phone. I knew it would be limited in scope so that it would be able fit on the smaller screen. I wanted to make a version that had the most popular and useful features rather than force it to fit everything in. Unfortunately there wasn’t a way to make it free for P2 users - unless I wanted to make it one universal app — but then I’d have charge the same amount for people using the limited phone version also. Which didn’t make sense to me. So I made it free to try, so people could decide if they wanted to pay for the limited version. I know this has cause a lot of grief with some users, but most people understand, and many people who only have phones are quite happy with it!

Hi, I thought I’d ask this here (as it’s kind of related) rather than start a new topic. Do the limits for iPhone include no swing, or am I just being dumb by not being able to find it? Thanks in advance.

Yeah, sorry there is not swing shown in the loop editor. It might be something easy to add… it was more of a screen real estate decision than anything else.