Patterning export problem


Hi, I have exported many audio files and loaded them into Garageband but my latest one now runs at about 10 times the speed. I have tried exporting an old song and the problem remains so it’s not the latest song. I might have accidentally changed a setting, but I don’t think so.

Any ideas?




I can try to help. Which version of Patterning are you using? What is your iOS and iPad version?


Thanks. I am using a 1st gen iPad Pro 9.7”, iOS 13.1.3 and Patterning 1.



Hi Ben,

Any thoughts on what the problem might be?


In an effort to fix this, I backed up the database, deleted the app and reinstalled it. I went to import the database but it can’t find it. Surely deleting the app doesn’t delete the backup as well does it?


The worse news is that it didn’t fix it, i still have the problem!


This isn’t a problem that reinstalling will fix, it appears to be a bug with iOS 13, and Patterning 1 isn’t fully supported on iOS 13. (Export does work in Patterning 2, but that has a different audio engine)

Backing up the database saves the database to the Files app folder (formerly known as iTunes File Sharing folder) for Patterning. When you export the database it gives you a warning message about where the file gets save to. Unfortunately, that folder will be deleted if you delete the app. I’m really sorry about that confusion and that that happened.

Have you recently backed up the entire iPad to iTunes? The database should still be in there if you’ve back the iPad up.

You should be able to use the free (but kind of awful) app iExplorer to navigate iPad backups without needing to restore the entire iPad.


I hadn’t recently backed up to iTunes so I guess that is gone. I’ll live with that but are you saying that Patterning 1 is dead as far as exporting song files is concerned?


Unfortunately yes. I investigated the issue and came to the conclusion that I can no longer support Patterning 1 as of iPadOS. Therefore, I have removed Patterning 1 from the store so I can focus on support Patterning 2 going ahead.

Exporting from P1 still works correctly on previous versions of iOS as far as I can tell. A workaround on iPadOS is to record the output into a program like AUM or Garageband via InterApp Audio.