Patterning/Cubasis > “beep” : solved


The issue: When I would use Cubasis 2 to record a Patterning 2 drum pattern, it would also record a loud beep at the very start along with the drum track. It would also beep if you hit the “back to start” arrow in play mode. That was annoying, but the recording of a beep along with the drum track meant two really great programs weren’t quite ready to work together.

Good News! I just loaded Cubasis 3 on my iPad and I am happy to report that the “beep” is gone! I wasn’t exactly wild about spending another $50, especially to do some beta testing, but in this case, it worked out. I have only had the two programs running together for a few hours, but so far, so good! Recorded a couple drum tracks with no problems and no beeps.