Patterning + Bluetooth?

Has anyone out there used a Bluetooth foot device to start, stop, change patterns, etc? If so, would MIDI learning be used to set it up?

Patterning 2 supports bluetooth MIDI. I don’t have my device in front of me, but you will need to connect to the bluetooth device from the MIDI setup menu.

From there, yes, you will use MIDI mapping to connect the commands to control Patterning.

Thx Ben… I saw a guitarist using an IK Multimedia iRig Blueboard to flip pages the other night and thought it would probably work for Patterning too. I did a test with my iRig Keys Mini and Midi Learn and it works good enough for what I need right now, but wireless is a cool option that I’d like to add in the future.

And… I have a request for the Patterning 3 and that would be an filing system that would allow for the creating of folders and sub folders, for organizing songs. One folder gets cluttered quickly. OnSong has an interesting approach to it with the Books and Sets. Patterning could easily use a setup that allowed you to subsets, jazz, blues, rock, country, etc or whatever. I know I’d use it.

Thx - joe

Did you sort this out?