Patterning 3 vs Patterning AUv3?

Literally the only thing I can think of wanting from a sampler that Patterning/2 can’t currently offer is the ability to utilise multiple instances (or multiple banks?) so that I can use it to ha dle complete tracks. It’s so absurdly powerful that being able to use it with more samples would allow me to create entire pieces using nothing but Patterning.

I appreciate that multiple instances requires AUv3 support which could be a major pain to introduce (I don’t honestly know a great deal about the practicality of such things, I’m just making assumptions!). Would it perhaps be possible to get around that by having multiple banks in the next/a future iteration of Patterning?

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These are definitely both things I’m contemplating for the future.

My gut feeling has so far been that Patterning makes more sense as an AU host than as a plugin, because I don’t really see it making sense to have a sequencer inside a plug-in. However, I know that other people don’t feel that way.

With the AU Host idea, I agree that more flexibility around track counts or banks of sounds makes sense!

As an independent developer (it’s just me), it’s important for me to pick a path and do that thing well. I’m not able to pursue every idea or permutation of the app, simply due to time and money constraints.

But I’m definitely thinking about the future of Patterning, and take user feedback into account as I make decisions about how to go forward!

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Ah, that’s brilliant - Patterning as an AUv3 host would be incredible (and, for whatever it’s worth, I absolutely agree that it makes a lot more sense to do that than make it an AUv3).

I hope it didn’t come across as though I felt Patterning was in any way lacking; quite the reverse is true! Effectively what I’m saying is that, although it arguably, in the most simplistic terms, is a sample-based drum machine, the only thing preventing it from being a complete sample sequencing solution is: more cells (and external effects plugin hosting would absolutely tip over the edge into DAW territory!)

Thanks for everything you’ve put out and all the work you do. Patterning literally redefined my whole approach to sample-based music - which is something I’ve been involved with since the 1990s! - and it continues to blow the minds of people who have previously only experienced things such as the MPC workflow. I showed a friend of mine Pattering on an old iPhone 6 and it absolutely blew his mind. He’s been working with an MPC1000 and using traditional sample-sequencing techniques for years so has never encountered probability, playback rotation, random triggering etc. Coming from that kind of background myself these tools are truly revolutionary.


Patterning as an audio unit would make the best drum machine experience to ever happen to iOS!
Not even to be able to have multiple instances as i can personally get by with just one, but the ability to host it in the many iOS hosts that don’t support iaa, and the accessibility you get with an auv3 inside AUM alone is most desirable. Auv3 state saving, having it open inside your project for tweaking, a dream of mine with patterning!

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