Patterning 2 - per-step trigger shift/micro-timing

Hi all :slight_smile: @benkamen thanks so much for this amazing tool, truly one of the most inspiring pieces of music technology I’ve ever used!

Now I’m going to sound ungrateful and demanding given the super deep feature set that currently exists - there’s just one thing that’d make this absolutely perfect…

Would it be impossible to add an automation layer to shift individual steps forward/backward (or just backward if positive values were an issue) across the range of the current beat division? My peers and I use this all the time when programming MIDI in a DAW to create everything from subtle micro-timing/groove push-pull to customised swing to full-on rhythmic sloppiness (in a good way hopefully!). I know we can shift entire loops (which is a great feature), but per-step would open up a new world.

Hopefully this is relatively simple to implement - with it I don’t think I’d ever use any other drum sequencer!

Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work :smile:


Hey Al,

That is a really cool idea, but yeah, right now it’s not possible to implement. I am thinking ahead to how I might be able to make time more flexible, in a future release (think version 3), but the current way that sequencing is implemented on the backend puts this out of reach at the moment.

Ok cool, cheers for the reply :slight_smile: