Patterning 2 no longer follows Ableton Link

Suddenly Patterning 2 no longer follows Ableton Link even if I haven`t changed any settings. My other apps work like before.

Ableton Link is enabled.
In-app Notifications is enabled.
Sync Start/Stop is enabled.

«browsing for link-enabled apps» is actively working continuosly (spinning icon).

Any suggestions?

That seems strange, nothing has changed with Patterning 2 recently. Can you share screen shots of both Patterning’s Ableton Link Settings and the other apps you are using? You might just try restarting your iPad or the apps involved to see if that fixes it.

Hi, I finally discovered what caused my confusion. I have started using Apple Airpods II with my iPadPro, and NI iMaschine 2 (which I use alot) just doesn`t play back in sync with other apps when listening via Bluetooth. I found a post from support at NI from 2017, where they confirm this. They also said «we may solve this problem in the future», which shows that they don’t care. The iMaschine 2 is so behind the competition. Patterning 2 is a joy to use!