(Patterning 2) MIDI out to launch steps in hardware synth?


I’m used to making melodies slaving a Hardware Synth (RolandSH-01A) to an EXT IN clicker from a drum machine.
I program melody/steps on the SH01A and launch them via Ext click in. I’m wondering if it’s possible to do the same with midi?

I’m asking in the Roland Forum if the SH-01A can launch its sequences Via MID same as with the ‘Ext click in’, and I also want to ask you if Patterning can send signals like this?
Any ideas? (:
Thanx, have a nice day (:sunny:


Patterning can’t do that, but it can send MIDI clock. With Patterning as the clock source and hardware as the clock follower, it should be pretty reliable.