Patterning 2 & Logic Pro X - pitch problems

Hello. I would like to use Patterning 2 in tandem with Logic Pro X. I love the Patterning 2 interface and the rhythmic possibilities it opens up. However, I also want to be able to use the FX capabilities of Logic to process each individual track. I’d also like to use my sample library in Logic rather than importing samples into the onboard one for Patterning 2.

Setup: I’ve hooked up my iPad to my MacBook via lightning-to-USB-C. I’ve enabled the iPad in the Audio Devices window in Audio Midi Setup. I’ve set each of my eight tracks using the Midi options in the Pattern window on Patterning 2 to ‘IDAM midi host’ and allocated each of the tracks a channel. So far, so good. The iPad talks to Logic and I get beats.

However, nothing is pitched correctly. I want the samples in Logic to play back at the default pitch but each is pitched up or down. Am I missing a basic midi note override setting that would allow Logic to replay samples at default pitch, or do I have to use the midi note setting in Patterning 2 to re-pitch each track?


I am not familiar with the logic sampler but typically a sampler either uses different pitches to trigger different samples (like a drum sampler) or they re-pitch a single sample based on the input note.

It sounds like your sampler is the second kind… in which case you probably want all the triggering midi notes to be middle C - which typically means no transposition for the sampler. Alternately, there should be a setting in the sampler to set what the default (non-transposing) midi note is.

Thanks, benkamen. I’ve cracked the problem. I’m using a drum sampler in Logic Pro X - Drum Machine Designer. What I needed to do was to use pitch selection on Patterning 2 – rather than channel routing in the Logic tracks – to select pads within drum patches. It works now.