Patterning 2 into Beatmaker 3


Just picked up a iPad Pro 11 inch along with a slew of apps to my excitement.

Heard alot of good things for Beatmaker 3, so chose that over Cubasis 3 and AUM and got Patterning 2 for drums.

Patterning 2 is an amazing sequencer with excellent drum sounds, easy to pick up and create patterns on the fly and helps with just making happy accidents.

Trying to record MIDI notes from Patterning into Beatmaker 3, opened a new bank, selected Patterning 2 as a IAA for that bank. The audio sometimes will come out, sometime will not, sometimes will play in distorted latency sounds. When the audio does play, no midi notes are recorded when the bank/track is armed and pressed recording in Beatmaker 3.

Not sure if im missing something here with the routing, set Patterning 2 as IAA for MAIN OUTPUT. I know I can record audio from Patterning to audio track in Beatmaker, but would LOVE the ease of just recording midi notes from Patterning to Beatmaker so I can change notes in Beatmaker and not have to jump between apps back and forth.

Im banging my head over the last 4 days of trying to figure out why Patterning will not have audio come out of Beatmaker and record midi notes. Im not sure if this is possible as I am new to the world of iOS music making.

Any help or guide or tips are appreciated! Thank you!

(If you all have a suggestion to just rather get AUM or Cubasis 3 because it works better in your experience with Patterning, would love to get your opinions!)



There’s a lot of possibilities… but the first suggestion I have is this :

If you are just trying to record MIDI, you don’t need to use IAA. IAA is for audio only, and MIDI is a totally distinct thing.

If you just want to record MIDI, set up a MIDI track in BM with the MIDI input set to Patterning, and the output of your Patterning tracks to send on the same (Patterning) MIDI port.

The audio latency/crackling thing I’m unaware of. I’d certainly check with other BM users. I haven’t heard about this happening in other hosts (AUM, Cubasis) so it’s possible it’s a BM issue. Not sure though, since I haven’t used it.


Thanks for the quick response!
I did what you said in BM3 and set a new bank (midi track) and loaded Patterning 2 as a IAA. Set the MIDI input to Patterning in BM3 and the MIDI output to Patterning also.

No midi notes recorded again, so went into Patterning and set the kick track to MIDI output to BM3 and no notes recorded again.

Not sure if im doing something wrong here, seems like recording midi from Patterning 2 into BM3 doesnt seem to work?

Thanks for your help


It sounds like a BM3 setup issue, I’d check with some BM3 users to see how they’d approach it… I’d try to create a MIDI track without Patterning in it, and route the MIDI into that track.