Patterning 2 file management


There are a few things I don’t understand about patterning 2 filing system.

Where can I find the drum kit files and other file data on my iPad?
I want to manage them like all my other apps, patterning folders should show up in my iPad folder.

How can I choose the sample rate and bit depth when I want to import and export audio files and drum kits to and from patterning 2?
I mainly use 96khz 32 bit samples nowadays.

There is a ‘add drum kit’ button in the drum kit window, how do I remove drum kit from this field and what is it’s use in the first place.

I find the filing system confusing so hope you can help

Many thanks


Hey Daner,
Thanks – All the drum kits and songs are stored in a database rather than as individual files. You can export songs and drum kits as .onps and .onpd files if you want to move between machines.

Yea, there’s not a way to remove drum kits right now from a song – something I’ve just needed to find an appropriate space for in the UI.

There’s not a way to change the sample rate or bit depth, it converts them in the app to 32-bit for processing. I haven’t tested 92kHz sample rate, though.


Thanks for your reply. So the drum kit library files are not actually on the iPad, they stay on the cloud?

I would like to ask for option to see what sample rate and bit depth the files are please.

If I imported a 96khz file would it be down sampled? And also when exported out of patterning 2 would the 96khz file be downsampled to I assume 44khz?

Many thanks


would be great to have the ability to import 96khz 32 bit files and recording out plus export files at 96khz 32 bit.