P4iPhone - Manual? Song Mode? MIDI In?

Hi all!

I’m struggling to work out how to structure pattern changes and repeats in Patterning for iPhone.

It’s not covered in the video linked from the app page on the website. No sign of a manual either.

I’ve also looked for pattern change over MIDI, but P4iPhone only seems to offer MIDI Out per track.

Am I missing something? Or is the app missing functionality vs the iPad version?


Patterning for iPhone does not have all of the same functionality as Patterning - it’s a streamlined version specifically for the iPhone. As such, it does not support MIDI In or Song mode. Sorry for the confusion!

Oh well. Thanks Ben.

Where will I find the saved patterns on my iPhone so I can transfer to Patterning on my old iPad? (Assuming that Patterning for iPhone files are consistent with the original Patterning app)

I’ve looked at export, but this only gives me audio or .als

Patterning for iPhone files are exported as ONPS files from the export menu. However, they are based on Patterning 2 file format, so they won’t open in Patterning 1. They do work with Patterning 2. You should be able to open a Patterning 1 song in Patterning for iPhone, in the same way you can open a Patterning 1 song in Patterning 2.

Well, I guess it’s early days and you’ve done a great job squeezing P2 onto a smaller screen.

What I’ve written with it is better and sounds better than the old app on my ageing Gen3 iPad. I’m gutted I can’t arrange though. Makes a really capable app feel like a toy.

Looking forward to seeing it grow over time!