P2 - monophonic triggering!?



First of all may I congratulate you on the release of Patterning2. I’ve only been playing with it a few hours and already I’m loving the new features… especially the ratcheting!

Now… to my main ask… I’d like to have the option of making a sample monophonic - i.e. if I hit the pad for a sample with this option I want it to ‘choke’ itself. I’ve tried adding a single sample to a choke group but that doesn’t seem to work. The reason for this need is to be able to mash up longer samples / breaks / loops. It makes sense with the pad / record view ala ‘mpc like’ behaviour.

If there’s a way to do this already - please someone let us know! otherwise … please could this be considered as a feature request?

Anyway - not to detract from the overall success of the new version - there’s lots and lots to dig into here, cheers. :grinning:


Oh Ive just read the bit about feature requests going to github - thats fine, I can do this - please confirm if what im asking for is already possible and if not i’ll use github :slight_smile:


There is not a way to do this, but it’s on the feature request list. Disclaimer : feature requests are not necessarily going to be implemented. However, this one does seem fairly straightforward, so I can imagine it being something that gets added.


Okies, thanks for the confirmation. Also, totally understand that it’s not a commitment by acknowledging it’s on a backlog :slightly_smiling_face:

That being said, I really would like this feature :wink:


How.can I bump this up the ol’ backlog :relaxed::grinning:

As a P2 user I would like use P2s pattern interface to retrigger’ samples monophonically in the same track so that I can make beats using repeating rhythmic samples

Maybe optionally put a track in a choke group with itself? Or how about a layer… that might be interesting?



I was really surprised this wasn’t an option too.
I think it’s a really fundamental feature for breakbeats and melodic samples.


Please valuate adding a choke itself option on each track. It’s a really strange omission :pray:


So any plans of adding this little implementation ?
How is it ranked on the request list ?


Bumpity Bump :roll_eyes:


Any news on maybe adding this feature?


I doubt this is going to happen. Bummer :sleepy:


If anyone would like to help test this feature, please contact me ASAP.


@pinuccipino Version 2.1.2 is out today, and includes MONO mode.