Ondes (Ribbons) Midi Interface?


Hi all,

I am looking to use my Ribbons app to midi control a Juno 106 synth (and others).

  1. What is a good interface? (iRig midi2?)
  2. Will the “swarm” functions still work using midi?
  3. Will it be polyphonic?
  4. Will the pitch bend range only give me what is possible on the Juno 106 pitch bend wheel? Keep in mind that the Juno106 does not assign pitch bend by half steps (its continuously variable).

Thank you all so much!!!



Hey! Sorry I haven’t checked the forum since before the holiday.

I’ve used iRig MIDI a lot, and it’s been great for 90% of my use cases. The only time I use something else (I have an iConnect MIDI 4) is if I need to use multiple output ports.

The swarm is audio only, so it doesn’t work with MIDI.

The polyphonic MIDI setup with Ribbons works by spreading each note to a different MIDI Channel. It’s basically like MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) but pre-MPE so it’s got some different configurations. With the Juno, unfortunately, the pitch bend won’t work polyphonically, because MIDI Pitch Bend is, by definition, channel-wide and applies to all notes on a channel.

You can choose the correct pitch bend range in Ribbons to match the Juno.

(That’s why MPE is a thing now, to allow multi-touch expression like that)

Definitely watch this video to learn about how to configure it :