Octatrack and Patterning 2


Hi! Folks,
Is there a way to sync my octatrack and patterning 2 ?
I’ve hooked my OT and my IPad Pro running Patterning 2 with M-Audio midi uno USB as midi interface.
It seems that P2 doesn’t recieve midi clock from my OT…


Hey Bachnotdead -
Patterning can indeed receive (or send) MIDI clock. On the FILE screen, tap the “CLOCK SETTINGS” button and choose MIDI Clock Receive. You can then select the clock source. Hope that helps!


First,thanks a lot for you answer,
It is exactly in this way that i had configured my OT and Patterning 2 but…no result…
What is strange is that my OT can sequence P2,only midi clock doesn’t work.
Furthermore in my setup,my beatstep pro receives midi clock from OT and is perfectly synced.
Maybe something is wrong with my midi interface?
I really would like to fix this issue…P2 is such a great app…


Can you send a screen shot of the MIDI Clock Input receive settings?

I don’t have an Octatrack, but I’m testing right now with a BeatStepPro, using MIDI out to an iRig MIDI interface to the iPad. Everything is working correctly, so it should just be a settings issue.




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Thanks, when you press play on the octatrack, does the little circle to the right of the selected interface light up? It should show incoming data on that MIDI port.

Since you have a Beatstep, maybe test the MIDI clock out of that to help rule out the interface.


Thanks for your help,
No,the little circle doesn’t light up when i press play on my octatrack.
I have already tried with BSP sending midi clock to P2 and…no result…


Can you confirm that you are able to control other apps with your MIDI interface? If it’s not lighting up, it isn’t receiving MIDI.