Midi mapping bugs


I just bought Patterning 2. After going through and appreciating the new features, I proceeded to map some of the functions to buttons and sliders on my Quneo controller. It took about 5 minutes to find the following bugs:

  • In the pattern tab, when I mute a track the corresponding circle on the left gets grayed out. When I midi map this function this doesn’t happen and I don’t have any visual indication of what tracks I have muted.
  • Once I have mapped a few dozen functions to Quneo controllers Midi mapping becomes first incredibly slow and then at some point doesn’t work anymore at all on my iPad mini 2. That means, no amount of tapping on a ‘+’ sign and waiting will make its state change to ‘listening’ anymore. Leaving the Midi learn screen still works and after that, the application keeps working normally.
  • In the pattern tab, of the three buttons where you can switch patterns, the top right one has a double function. If there exists already a “next” pattern it switches to it. If there is none, it creates an empty pattern. If I Midi map this button and press the corresponding button on my controller a new pattern is created every time. This is inconsistent behavior and makes this simple and practical way of navigating impossible.

Otherwise, the app has been very stable for me. Fixing these bugs would make it a lot more performance-friendly.



Hi Axel,
Thanks for the report… I’ll look into this hopefully in the next week. I may need to gather some more info from you.


Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that in Midi mapping mode, I have to tap on the actual button instead of the plus sign. So, this might just be another case of me deciding how something works in advance and then neglecting other possibilities. Otoh, I’ve also deleted a lot of other mappings, so I’m not 100%.