Midi Mapping between 2 Ipads over USB



I am experimenting using Patterning 2 to sequence arp lines in Ableton, using 2 Ipads via USB, either in IDAM or a network session.

Is it possible to Midi map the transpose sliders of Patterning on Ipad 1 to custom CC# sliders on Touchable running on Ipad 2 ?

tried for a while without any luck.

Thank you for a great app !



Is the iPad generating MIDI showing up in the list of MIDI Ports for a track? That’s where I’d look first to make sure the MIDI connection is working correctly. I would think you need to set up a wireless MIDI session, probably using the computer to create the network using the Audio/MIDI system app.


Hi Ben,

thank you for the tips,

I found a workaround, to map a macro in Ableton to a Touchable CC# and then map the macro to a transpose slider of Patterning.

Unfortunately the round trip brings allot of latency, from what I’ve read somewhere is that this could be due to how Ableton chooses to handle midi, choosing stability over speed: ‘latency is preferable to jitter’ https://forum.ableton.com/viewtopic.php?t=234202