MIDI Learn using ROLI Lightpad Block

Hi everyone! i got Patterning 2 a couple of weeks ago, and i’m very happy with all the features.
I’m using it for Live Looping Performances throught Audiobus.
My problem is that i’m trying to trigger samples (in addition to the sequencer) using the Lightpad, but i’m finding kinda weird the MIDI Learn for input notes.
Firstly I had to disable the Slide message from the ROLI Lightpad because it was retriggering the sample continuosly. The MIDI CC number for Slide is CC 74, is there a way on Patterning 2 to block this CC message, so I don’t have to switch between modes on ROLI?
And another question is about the MIDI Learn Behavior. When I assign the notes on the Patterning’s Record Tab in order to trigger them with the controller, after a while some of the assignments stop working or change to another sample. Any hint on this? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

There is not a way to filter out certain messages at the moment. I’ll have to look at the assignment issue and get back to you. Hopefully I can look into it in the next couple weeks.