Midi Clock in device?


Love patterning and 2

I use a sync-lock, kind of a magic box for sample accurate sync. I use an iPad Pro. What would be your recommended technique to get a midi clock signal via cable or DIN into Patterning?



I have an old iRig MIDI that works well. I also have an iConnect MIDI 4 which is overkill for most situations, but is useful if you have a complex set up.

If possible, I recommend using Patterning as the MIDI clock source. The reason is because digital audio will always have some latency/jitter when processing MIDI messages, due to the way that the audio render cycle works. Patterning does account for this and try to smooth it out. However, the initial “start” is often just a tiny bit lagging.

As a clock source, Patterning is able to output sample accurate MIDI clock messages. So I recommend that if possible.


Thanks for the quick reply. I was unable to find either of these devices, but will try a Korg device Hopefully it works as well! I will check in and confirm.

For the forum, the Sync-Gen is from Innerclock systems that uses a plugin to create MIDI clock, DIN, or CV. Here’s a link to their site. Great device for hardware sync!


Just to follow up, the Korg plug key works great with Patterning 2. Interestingly though, I found Link to be tighter sync than the Midi Clock input. There was drift, at least on the BPM in Patterning. Also the start/stop didn’t come through with the MIDI input. :thinking: With Link and the start/stop, the downbeats are synced.


Yes, Link is always going to be the best method between apps. It’s designed for digital devices, where as MIDI is designed for … 1983 :slight_smile: