Midi bindings per kit


Hi…I have some midi bindings. I have selected to apply them to all kits, but when switching from pattern A (using kit 1) to B for example, the bindings don’t appear to apply to pattern B (using kit 2)…any help gratefully received. (Patterning 2)


Maybe I should try and clarify:
I’m on the pattern page. I made a pattern. I go across to ‘oDrum Kit’ and add a second drum kit. So I have kit 1 and kit 2. If I select kit 2 then none of my midi bindings work…although I can still play the sounds of the kit on my pads…just not the various controllers, like volume etc Does that make sense? cheers


Can you send me the exported onps file : support@olympianoiseco.com

That’ll help me look at it : )