Long time Patterning user (midi hardware setup for live sets) - app feedback, pointers and feature requests


Hello all,

I’ve used and am using Patterning to drive all of my setup (eurorack, FH-2 midi to CV with expanders, for total 64 Midi > CC outs). It is one of, if not the best app out there (imho beats modstep in many points). Kudos to authors as it really made my life lotta easier, and music just flows :).

That being said there are few things that would make it even more amazing / especially with Live performance in mind.

Stuff (feature requests - just take in mind that i don’t use audio side of the app completely):

Pure management features (easy ones?):

  • ability to customise the name of tracks 1-8 (can be now done by uploading a mp3 files with names and making a drumkit but its a chore tbh:P)
  • ability to name layers - i have up to 18 CC for each of 8 tracks, i need to remember what goes where and keep a cheat-sheet close…
  • ability to name and sort patterns in song view.

A bit more stuff:

Live Mode - disable the Record, Drum kit, Mixer, Fx tabs
Song view - pattern matrix instead of a timeline. Options for Looping and “One shot” fireing of a pattern.
Cross Over - lets say you have pattern A that uses tracks 1-4. You want to loop it. You have built pattern B that is “one shot” and uses tracks 2-8. So when you press pattern B it goes Over pattern A. That way you can make versions & variations of pattern A while still having pattern B to play separately (on trigger or sth) this would be gamechanging

Note editing Octave slider/range - currently putting melodies is a bit of a chore as the range is so big it makes operating within one octave troublesome to do.
MIDI CC Randomization : ) - would be super neat to have.
MIDI CC Automation - would be great if it was presented same way as it is in audio not just on per-step basis, as its 0-127 range that can be recorded over time.

BUG/Check ?

I have strange MIDI CC reaction - when i set up CC on step X (does not matter which, just one) for any value lets say 50, all the rest of the steps take this value instead of going to 0 on the next step. I need to manually swing it to 0 for it to behave correctly.

That’s all folks, again thanks for epic app, looking forward to further development.


Thanks for all the suggestions! Some really cool ideas and improvements.

One comment right now – the CC issue – that’s actually the intended behavior. If you think about the way a mod wheel works, it stays in place after you move it. As opposed to the way pitch bend wheels work, in that they return to center on releasing them. So it’s modeling that concept.


Hi, I use Patterning with fh-1… do you use patterning also as note sequencer? Because I would like insert “triggher velocity”and “coarse tune” in the same touch, and not first the “velocity triggher ” and next the “coarse tune”, do you know any methods to bypass this stuff? Thanks