iPad Air 5 layout issue

The play arrow is obscured by the A, B etc. area, making it close to impossible to tap it. On an iPad Air 5. Can this be corrected?

Thanks for the report - I should have some time shortly to look into fixing this.

Thanks… Patterning 2 is a great app, used constantly!

Hey @musikeer would you be willing to try out a beta version of this fix? I’m unable to run it on the simulator for various stupid reasons, but I think it’s an easy fix. If you’re interested, DM me your email address and I can send an invite in a day or two.

Any progress on an update?

I have gotten stuck trying to find a device to test it on, and there is an issue with the simulator on my Mac. So I’ve basically been banging my head against a wall trying to double check my work!

Out of town this week but will try again when I return.