iPad Air 5 layout issue

The play arrow is obscured by the A, B etc. area, making it close to impossible to tap it. On an iPad Air 5. Can this be corrected?

Thanks for the report - I should have some time shortly to look into fixing this.

Thanks… Patterning 2 is a great app, used constantly!

Hey @musikeer would you be willing to try out a beta version of this fix? I’m unable to run it on the simulator for various stupid reasons, but I think it’s an easy fix. If you’re interested, DM me your email address and I can send an invite in a day or two.

Any progress on an update?

I have gotten stuck trying to find a device to test it on, and there is an issue with the simulator on my Mac. So I’ve basically been banging my head against a wall trying to double check my work!

Out of town this week but will try again when I return.

Any progress on this yet?

I guess that would be a “no”.

argh, I’m sorry! I still have no idea if the fix works, because I still haven’t been able to test it.

But! I’m submitting it to the app store anyway now. worst case is that it doesn’t work, and you can let me know. It shouldn’t make anything worse if the problem isn’t fixed. It should get approved within a few days and I’ll try to come back here to let you know when that happens.

Good news, thanks Ben!

The update should be live on the App Store now!

Not sure if you got my message or if I sent it correctly… still not fixed. I mentioned that I can beta test it, if you can assure me it won’t adversely affect the presets I have now, to have a beta along with the released version installed.

Cool, thanks I’ll let you know if I need a beta tester. Have a trip coming up in a week but will try to at least take another look before then.

Good news, I found a typo that is probably the issue… fingers crossed… uploading a new version to App Store now.

Ok, New version is “processing for App Store” so should be up sometime today.

Absolutely great! All is well now and thank you so much for the fix… Thanks for being responsive and also for the great app that it is. One of the best.

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thank you for your patience! I’m glad it’s finally fixed!

After today’s update, a much smaller pattern wheel? At least on an iPad Air 5. Or am I imagining this? Anyway, love the app.

Hey there,
Is it much smaller? Or just a little bit? I had to make some changes to the way it calculates the sizes, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be too drastic! I will have another look at it :grimacing:

It’s noticeable enough that… I noticed it immediately. There’s now 3/4” between the play arrow and the pattern advance double arrows. I’ll try to post a screenshot. If there’s any way to bump up the size, it’d be appreciated…