How to send midi notes to daw in realtime by wifi & usb and sync it?


Good day!

I have two questions:

  1. Could you advice please stable USB and WIFI software way to use midi notes of patterning (I use first verse on ipad4) inside Ableton on Win in real-time performance and sync it.

  2. How & by which software I could midi map Patterning parameters within ipad workflow and in case of using Patterning together with daw on Win.

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The best way to synchronize Patterning and Ableton is Link, by a long shot!

Sending MIDI data via wifi is always going to be a bit jittery, so it’s not ideal to also send MIDI notes via wifi, though it is possible. On windows you need to use something called RTP MIDI to do wireless MIDI, but I’m not a Windows person so I don’t have the specifics of how to do that.


Patterning (1) has default CC mappings for the parameters that can be turned on from the MIDI config menu. If those aren’t what you are looking for there are some apps out there that do MIDI mapping. I think one is called MIDIFlow, but I haven’t used that.


Thank’s for your advices. I will try this for wireless method. Is there a stable way to make USB connection to send midi to daw in realtime?