Glitchy noise when changing page


I have P2 in an Audiobus session. Lots of apps running. When i switch between edit pages in ‘pattern’…say, from kick to snare, there is a glitchy noise. This doesn’t happen if i increase the audio buffer size. But it is quite annoying that i can use lots of apps and have them running at 128 frames buffer for a decent low latency playing experience, but then switching pages makes noises and glitches that spoil a performance. Is there any way around this I wonder? Will a faster processor help at all? I’m using a 6th gen ipad.


Thanks for reporting this. This is changing between tracks, rather than pages? If you can send me the song you are working with, to support @ olympianoiseco dot com, I can have a look and see if I can recreate.

It does sound like the CPU issue, since it only happens when lots of apps are running. However, I wouldn’t expect an audio glitch since nothing should be changing on the audio thread when switching tracks.