Glitches and Weird behaviour with own imported samples


Hello there.
I am having some heavy duty issues with the app and am seeking any help i can get.

The app was running smooth until i decided to „widen my horizons“ by importing some samples from my laptop libraries.

Since then Patterning 2 is a mess in its function.

  1. i get weird triggering issues with overlapping of the sample in Poly but if i switch the sample playback to mono i get only the beginning of the sample and it does not play it through. Them sometimes a loop even though being seamless, does not loop seamlessly. Then after a few noodling around with the sample length and pushing randomly Poly , Mono etc it sometimes „lovks“ in again and everything runs good.
    In short, functionality of imported sample loops is very unpredictable.

Also the sample will play through even after pushing stop. Even if i MUTE the sample nothing happens.

  1. when auditioning samples they always play through full throttle and there is no way of stopping it. Only if i switch of the app.
    If i am jamming and want to change between samples it will still play the sample currently playing OVERLAPPED with the new sample until the first sample - loop reaches its end.

Anybody here have had similar experiences?

I repeat. Everything started when i imported a few hundred samples.

Ipad 6 with latest OS and i am not completely Dumb. Only half

Would appreciate any info my fellow peoples…