Electric Piano sound With Chordion?


Hi, I’m a newbie to Chordion, and I can’t find a manual as to how to use it, although it’s pretty user friendly.

However, I just want to use Chordion to play Electric Piano chords live. I can’t find any sound banks in Chordion. So my question is - what is the easiest, most simple way, with the smallest amount of equipment to be able to play EP chords from Chordion?

So I guess the questions raised are:

  1. Does Chordion have any built in sound banks? (Piano, Strings, EP etc.)
  2. Can Chordion trigger an internal sound bank (on the iPad)? If so, what sound bank do I need? When can I get one? And how to I link it to Chrodion)
  3. Is the only way I can do this is by using it as an external midi controller (If so I’ll be heartbroken)…

I’ve found an APP called Navichord which has some similarities with Chordion but for now I’m hoping to use Chordion.

Thanks for any help you can offer



Hey J,
The easiest way to do this is by sending MIDI out from Chordion to control an Electric Piano sound in another app (or piece of hardware). I’m not up to date on the best electric piano apps are at the moment, but maybe someone will chime in. I bet if you ask on the audiobus forum, they might have some suggestions.

In Chordion, you will need set up MIDI as in the picture… Make sure the MIDI port in both apps has the same name… e.g. Use “Chordion Out” in both apps, OR use the name of the app in both apps. (Virtual MIDI can sometimes be confusing)