Dropbox Problem

Apologies if this has been addressed, I did a search and couldn’t find anything.

I’m trying to Import samples into the Patterning 2 on the iPad from my Dropbox account, the box comes up informing me it’s “Connecting to Dropbox”, then I get a message telling me I’m “Not logged into Dropbox”, even though I am. If I click on Log In, I just get kicked out of the app.

Any ideas? I’ve done this before without any isues.

Thanks in advance.

When you tap log in, does it lead you outside the app to log in? Or does it crash?

It just goes back to the home screen, so I’m guessing it’s crashing.

Sorry about that. I will see if I can re create the issue. Do you have the Dropbox app installed?

Same here. The app crashes when trying to import from DB.

iPad Air2, iOS 15.6

Dropbox App is installed.

Thanks everyone, I think I figured it out. Weirdly it works ok on my device but I do see a typo in the code that is 97% likely the issue. Hope to submit the update ASAP.

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Thanks, Ben. Much appreciated.

The update just went out, should be available now or within a couple hours!

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Thanks so much!!!