Drag & Drop Possible?

Fairly new to iOS music making and just got this. Where has this been my whole life?

The one thing I really wish it had was drag and drop functionality to easily load samples from the Files app and/or Sample Crate.

Is this something that could be added to the current version or on the list for P3?

I am probably alone in this but if this was added I could be happy waiting for AUv3 for as long as it takes.
I would even pay for it as an IAP.


Hey LSB,
I haven’t looked into what it would take to add the drag n drop functionality… I haven’t seen it implemented very often on iOS, either! However it’s a cool idea and if I will check out the feasibility at some point when I get to revamping the sample library for P3. Can’t make any promises, but if it’s the kind of thing that’s not too tough to implement then I will!

Thanks for the reply Benkamen :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, the first time I saw it was in a tutorial vid (I think it was by Sound Test Room) for Sample Crate. Sample Crate has the iOS 15 split screen feature and I think Koala does too, which is why they were demo’d together like this. In this case you can drag and drop a whole “crate” onto a koala pad and it populates the pads with all the samples contained in the crate. This is also doable in Pulse but as a multitask window, rather than the split screen. Drag and drop, one sample at a time (its nice being able to audition them easily in Sample Crate but it also works with the Files app) also works in BM3 and Digisticks. Also, interestingly so does Tardigrain…

In any case, Im spoiled now… it’s hard to go back :grin:

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