Cubasis/Inter-App and multi-channel questions

Hello, relative noobie here to iOS music-making. I’m trying to understand how to use Inter-App to output individual tracks to Cubasis. I can see the option for audio track to use Inter-App and can see Patterning (1-8) as the source for the track but I hit a wall any time I try to do this. I get crashes from Cubasis/Patterning every time. Is there a particular way I need to set up the two applications? Is there a setting I’m missing or is this simply not possible?

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? My iPad pro is only a year old so I don’t think it’s a tech issue unless something is actually wrong with it. Related question is regarding setting up Patterning main output 1-2 to a track and how to record sync. I set the tempos to match but when in patterning, and using the Inter-App module to record in Cubasis, Patterning doesn’t start playing without me hitting the play button as well. This may be the default behavior but it seems strange that this is the case.

Hi @petereddmusic

To sync the clocks via IAA, in Patterning on the file screen open the clock menu and enable IAA as the clock source.

I’ve just tested this and it did crash when opening an individual track. However, I was able to make it work by first opening the main Patterning output, and then adding tracks individually on additional cubasis tracks. When you do this, any track that has it’s individual output enabled will be removed from the main output. Hopefully that gets you where you need to go?

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m actually glad to hear it crashed for you too :wink:

I did this exact thing but I still have things crash when I hit the record button in the cubasis inter-app module. I am trying to get a song into Cubasis, maybe that is where the problem lies?

I’m not getting crashes testing this, but I am getting some weird behavior in Cubasis where it doesn’t let me record more than one Patterning track at a time. Over the years I’ve definitely run into issues with the IAA in Cubasis, but this does seem like it might be a new issue.

Unfortunately, Inter-App Audio is “deprecated” which means Apple is no longer updating support for it, which also means app developers are phasing out support for it… As much as I would like the app to work as expected, it’s also possible or even likely that the newer iOS updates are causing more unexpected bugs in apps where it used to work.

Right now, I’m focusing on switching over to AUv3 for Patterning 3 and removing IAA altogether, since it’s deprecated. It’s kind of hard to admit that I won’t be able to spend time sorting this out… but as an solo developer an issue like this, patching a deprecated technology, might take me a weeks to get completely sorted out, and it’s probably better for me to work towards the “future” (really the “present”) and get the AU stuff up and running :slight_smile: I hope you understand and can get some workflow going that meets your needs!!

That sounds awesome, best of luck getting things sorted for AUv3. I know I’m excited.