Copy Database of samples from P2 on one device to another?

Think I read yesterday in the manual that in the file section of P2 there was an option to export the whole database.

1 Does this mean all the samples and kits can be sent from one ipad to another?

2 I’m not seeing export database in that section. I see export in the upper right for .onps, audio, or ableton set. I’d really like to do this for everything :slight_smile:

3 Yesterday, after not seeing it, I just decided to upload a huge sample library fresh from dropbox. Many folders that I sent just fine to p2 on other devices come up as “connecting to dropbox” and it hangs there, some work ok. My internet connection is strong, so it’s not that. Is something going on with the dropbox api maybe? Thanks!

Thought it might be a dropbox device limit so went there. Saw that in their settings it said “device hadn’t finished downloading dropbox.” Removed all devices, but a couple and reinstalled dropbox on the new device. Showed up as fully downloaded on, but none of my Dropbox folders will import into Patterning 2. Hmm :thinking:

Hey @Modul!

I removed the database import option (though apparently not from the manual :grimacing: ) because I was struggling to make it reliable and work the way it should have.

You can export songs and drum kits, one by one, from one iPad to another, using airdrop.

Not sure what’s going on with Dropbox. If you are able to show me some screen grabs and post them maybe that will help me be able to re-create and troubleshoot the bug.


Edit. Dropbox seems pretty fast now, now sure what the glitch was.

All the old kits and projects are all long since in the DAW, so that’s cool. I just came back and tried again, and it seems they are coming from Dropbox into Patterning. “Import all samples from current folder” in Dropbox starts responding/copying over about 1:30 after pressing the UI, so I’ll just give it time. Have twelve more to go. Thanks for the response and I’ll shout back if anything changes. :v:

Are there a ton of samples in the folder you are importing from? Just curious if that’s part of the equation.