Control Swing via MIDI?


Hi everyone, first time on this forum. I tried the search function and did not find much on this, so thought to ask:

Is there any way to control how much ‘swing’ is applied to a pattern via MIDI CC?

I’m thinking something similar to iElectribe, where a “swing” effect can be applied generally to all instruments in the entire pattern via an assignable MIDI CC, and more swing is applied with higher CC velocity.

I imagine this would not affect instruments set to polyrhythms (i.e. Divide Mode) as swing is then disabled, but it would still be cool to adjust swing then for the other instruments in the pattern with a controller, without having to use the touchscreen, and ideally for all instruments for which swing can be adjusted at once.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks


Currently you can control swing with a MIDI controller, however it only applies to one track at a time. You can map the same CC to swing on each track if you like, but you need to go through each track and make the connection.


@benkamen That’s great news! But I don’t actually see “Swing” highlighted as assignable when MIDI Learn mode is engaged. Would you mind telling me where to go to make that connection?

Thanks so much! If I can do this, it is going to help tremendously.


Oh boy! How embarrassing. I guess you can’t assign swing via MIDI :man_facepalming:

I’ll add to my feature requests list.


@benkamen, I appreciate you considering this for a feature request! I think MIDI control over Swing would be a very useful feature for live jams, which is something that Patterning is amazing for. :sunglasses:


Hi! I was wondering if controlling Swing via MIDI could be considered as a feature in 2.2.

Thanks again.