Chordion color code


Hi there!
Im a big fan of your app, I found it very useful for a people who don’t know music theory perfectly, just like me.
So my question is: what is the idea behind color-coding? I mean chords in the layout have different shades of the same color and if I choose another chord it change shade of a current color in some cases, but in other cases it change color to a different one.
I was trying to find an answer to “what is the purpose of color-coding?” either in manual and at forum, but no luck…
Thanks in advance!


It’s been a long time since I built that app… so I don’t remember the exact logic. But the idea is that the more notes the two chords/pads have in common, the closer the color will be.

And on the keyboard, the root of the chord is highlighted.


Got it! Thanks for explanation! Highlighted root was something obvious, but that different colors/shades were not fully clear