Audio Export Broken in Patterning 1?

Someone on Audiobus forum reported that Export from Patterning 1 results in distorted audio files that sound very wrong. I am finding the same thing regardless of export settings. It almost sounds like some samples are being skipped. I am running iPadOS 13.7 on an iPad 6.

Hey @easelec,
Unfortunately this appears to be something that happens with Patterning 1 on iOS 12 or 13 (not sure exactly when it started). Sadly, Patterning 1 isn’t being updated anymore, as it’s no longer for sale on the App Store, and thus there is no way to release an update. Sorry for the bad news :frowning:

Thanks for the info. I was hoping that there was some setting I was overlooking.

As a workaround you can route the Patterning output into AUM or another Inter App Audio app that records. I’m not sure if Audiobus has a built in record feature or not?