Ableton link trouble


Is anyone had some issues getting Ableton link working with Patterning?
I can’t get my app recognised by Ableton…

I tried several methods, checking my firewalls and try to connect my macbook and iPad on a separate wifi network but now I’m out of ideas.


Can you confirm that Ableton has it’s Link button enabled? And they are on the same network? And Patterning’s clock source is set to Link?

Are other apps connecting correctly?



Are you referring to the use of an Ad-Hoc WiFi network or a WiFi network connected to the internet through your router?

I have managed to set up Link on a normal WiFi Network but have failed using an Ad-Hoc self created WiFi Network (on Mac OS).


It should work on either adhoc or regular networks as long as both devices are connected to the same network.


In my experience there’s no benefit to ad hoc networks for Link (it’s not like MIDI where latency matters).


I ended up buying a Shuttle mate control with my Shuttle mate eurorack module to get connected with Ableton :wink: