A Heap of Praise

I just want to say that Patterning has been one of the best things I have ran into in my music. I have tried just about every system, from Abletons drums, to Reason’s drumming systems - Superior Drummer, Volcabeat, Arturias drumbrute (and mini) a vintage 808 and 909 - and nothing is as creative to our music as Patterning.

I use it with Ableton Live with Link. The ipad pro runs into a Korg mini sound device that gives me a couple 1/4" outs to an SSL Six where I can add some compression. From there into the DAW.

Being able to nudge things keeps me in a groove where the drum machine is not calling the shots. I play with a musician who uses a Moog ONE and a Voyager, and she wants to make her own syncopated grooves, not be limited to a drum machine. I have to sync with arps and sequencers - the other way around. Patterning is the only thing I have found that lets me do that in the way we need for IDM.

Thanks again. I am a very happy customer! You can hear our music as “wetwire” on spotify and soundcloud.


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:slight_smile: Thank you for using it!