16+ steps playback issue

I’ve encountered quite strange behavior when using patterns with different number of steps in one project. I have a project in which most of the patterns have 16 steps, and one - 32 steps, the long pattern is for transition for the next part of track.
The issue occurs when I’m switching from a short pattern to a long one, playback starts from second page of the pattern (steps 17-32) instead of the beginning of the pattern. When I’m using a timeline, same problem occurs, with one difference - start of the pattern is tied to the number of the bar on timeline. When pattern starts on odd number of bar (1, 3, 5…), it goes fine, on even (2, 4, 6…) - goes from second page, then plays the 1st page.

If it is possible to make pattening 2 play the pattern always from it’s 1st page, no matter what number of steps is, it would solve this problem.

I have not tried different lengths, but I believe same thing would happen.

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This is the expected behavior, Patterning uses the global timing position to figure out where to start in the loop, so if you start on an odd measure, it will start on beat 17 of the longer loop.

Couple of workarounds :

In the Timeline, you can select a timeline block and enable “RESET ROTATION” to have the pattern start at the beginning when it’s triggered in the timeline.

Another approach would be to make your transitional measure (the regular beat, but with the 17-32 part) it’s own pattern so that it lines up correctly?

In the future, I can look into adding the “RESET ROTATION” features to Patterns when they aren’t in the timeline, so they always start from the beginning when triggered.


Thanks! reset rotation did the trick

I have a very similar issue. However for my use case I’d rather not use the timeline mode since I want to compose the song ‘live’… So deciding on-the-go how many times pattern A, B, C etc while playing guitar (using a midi footswitch to select the pattern).
So I would really need each of the patterns to start a their beginning at the moment of switching.
So, as you suggested, for me it would be a great feature to be able to do ‘RESET ROTATION’ outside of the timeline.