1 question 1 bug: IDAM & Xequence


Question: When I use Patterning 2 to play a MIDI region in Logic Pro X 10.4.4 (the latest version as of today) with IDAM, only one sample will play at a time. For example, in the LPX MIDI region I have a note on every beat for a 4-to-the-floor trance kick, a note on every 16th note for a closed high hat, and a note on every note except the 4-to-the-floor kick note for a full-on psytrance bass. When I play the region via LPX transport controls, only the first kick plays and none of the rest of the MIDI region plays. However, if I play the same pattern straight out of Patterning 2 without using LPX’s transport control, then the pattern and drum samples play as they should. It’s as if when using Patterning 2 via IDAM being controlled by LPX, only 1 Sample can be played at a time. Is there any setting I need to change for it to play a normal drum beat triggered by an LPX MIDI region? I tried using the same MIDI region with SeekBeats and SeekBeats played correctly.

Bug: When Patterning 2 is playing a MIDI region triggered by Xequence, occasionally the beat seems to slow down then speed back up right when I push play on Xequence. It’s somewhat hard to describe without actually hearing it, but it sounds like when I initially push play, the volume is very soft then quickly rises in volume and it seems to have a swing to, though I never programmed a swing for the beat. Oddly, the playhead continues at the proper steady rate, but the drums have a push/pull to them with weird volume changes to it. Again, I tried this same region with SeekBeats and SeekBeats played correctly without bugs.



Hey Trancespotter,
I feel like it’d be easier for me to understand with a video! Can you email me at support@olympianoiseco.com with a video and maybe that will help me understand what’s going on. Thanks!